Are you a current first year student? If so you could be eligible for this new Certificate which recognises the efforts first year students have made to improve their employability by gaining new skills through: placements, part-time work and other work experience. First year students who have taken pro-active steps e.g. having appointments with Careers staff, getting their CVs checked and applying to the Student Opportunity Fund for employability related activities; could also be eligible for this Certificate.

We are launching a pilot scheme for the Extra-Edge Certificate in January 2019:  Flyer

 For further information have a look here:

Details about the Extra-Edge Certificate

To be considered for the Certificate first year students (across all Faculties) will need to complete this on-line registration form and the SaPRA Extra-Edge Stage One form. 

Extra-Edge Certificate Registration Form: Register here

SaPRA Extra-Edge Stage One form:Stage One

Students can register for the Certificate until the end of February 2019.